Wildcard Friday – The Hunger Games: As Seen from an SEO

By Advanced SEO Team


To prepare all of you internet marketers who haven’t read the Hunger Games for the movie, I’ll be putting a few things you need to know about the series into SEO terms.

The Gamemakers: in the Hunger Games, the people from the Capitol who design the Hunger Games each year. They make the rules in the arena to keep the viewers of the games entertained – throwing fire balls, creating floods – anything to keep Panem entertained and work towards getting one surviving tribute.

In SEO: Google acts as the Gamemakers – adjusting the algorithm and laying out rules to create a landscape that provides searchers the best search experience possible. Like the books, you’re at their mercy but if you play by the rules you’ll stay alive.

The Reaping: in the Hunger Games, an annual event that takes place in every district before the Hunger Games. Two tributes are chosen from each district to participate in a fight to the death.

In SEO, the day when your site gets a penalty from Google. It can be life or death for your business if you don’t regain some of those rankings. The difference in the SEO hunger games, though, is that you weren’t randomly chosen – you knew your site needed some content and was on some bad neighborhood sites. Fix those things up and the odds will be ever in your favor.