Wildcard Friday – Social Media Update



So most of the time, whether it’s Email Thursday, Wildcard Friday or SEO Monday, I generally talk about SEO copywriting or something closely related. I know everyone scrambles to read these posts, but I thought today I’d give a little bit of an update on what’s happening in the always-changing social media world. We don’t want everyone thinking that we at Exclusive Concepts always have our heads buried in title tags, pay per click builds and lines of code. A lot happened in the past two weeks that involved the use of Twitter, Facebook and Google, and I wanted to give you a brief overview.

As many of you probably have heard Google rolled out Google+ to a select group of people for testing. Briefly, some of the features include a group video chat function, an image editing and sharing feature, a content finding and sharing area called Sparks, and upcoming mobile apps for the Android (and hopefully other platforms in the future) that will let users access a lot of Google+’s features. Google+ was obviously created to compete with Facebook in forming its own social network. Will it overtake Facebook in hype? That’s hard to believe with all of Facebook’s popularity, but only time will tell.

Another anticipated event this week was Facebook unveiling its partnering with Skype to power its own video calling. After testing it out, it’s pretty simple to use. Skype is too, except that no one I know is on Skype whereas everyone and their mother are on Facebook. And chatting right from your Gmail screen is awesome too, but again, I’d rather be on Facebook. However, Google+ does allow group video chats called ‘hangouts.” You can invite your friends and Google will send alerts to social circles that let your friends know that you’re available to chat. But again, not a lot of people are on Google+ yet so who would I chat with?

In Twitter news, Obama held a live town hall meeting where he answered questions that Twitter users tweeted in. Following this, there will actually be a debate between Republican presidential candidates via Twitter on July 20 where they will be answering questions.

Lastly, YouTube is finally updating its look to a sleeker, more sophisticated design, and no, it doesn’t incorporate that stupid Nyan cat into the player. However, they decided to call their experiment “Cosmic Panda,” and in light of recent Google updates, I find this a tad offensive and just plain strange. Google owns YouTube and the Farmer update was quickly nicknamed Panda right after it was rolled out. I understand that the Panda update was supposed to help the sites that had good content and ding the ones that didn’t, but couldn’t they have picked another zoo animal? What’s the obsession with pandas these days? Anyways, the YouTube experimental update looks pretty sweet and even makes that running pop-tart cat look like a toaster pastry tiger.