Wildcard Friday – Hanging Chads and Inbound Links: If SEO were the Decision Marker in 2012

By Advanced SEO Team


Today’s post is: hanging chads and inbound links: if SEO and internet marketing were the decision-maker in 2012. As the primarys come to my home state of NH in just 4 days, I’d like to give a nod to the candidates as I compare their sites backlinks, social following, and

We often like to use the analogy that “links are like votes in an election – they are seen as the popular vote”. Using open site explorer, we see that Ron wins it by a landslide – with almost 100,000 links. congrats Ron Paul! Perhaps this has something to do with why he is the only candidate who appears on the first page when searching terms such as “2012 presidential race”, ranking at #8! Not a bad place to be.

Staying with the information we can gain from OSE, we will loko at the candidates homepage MozTrust, as trust is a very important factor when electing an official. Similar to TrustRank, mozTrust estimates the distance from trusted seeds using a PageRank-like calculation. In this case, Romney takes the cake as the most moztrust candidate out there – congratulations!

Now imagine the social following of a candidate determines their position in the election. In this case, Newt crushes the competition with over 1.3 million

Note to Rick Perry: It took me forever to find your facebook and twitter links! Step up that site design to be more social-friendly!

When ranking the candidates on a 1-5 point scale (5 points for a win, 1 for last place, and 2 when Paul and Perry tied for trust), your republican presidential candidate for 2012 SEO and internat marketing is: