Wildcard Friday – Google+ Show me the $$$!



By now, you’ve probably at least heard a few times that Google is once again dipping it’s toes in a different end of the social media pool. After having some failed attempts over the last few years at breaking into the social space with platforms like Google Buzz. Now, I have to say that at least from the few days that I have been poking around on the platform, they are doing a lot of things right this go around. If feels much like going to an open house where you’ve been watching developers fix up the worst looking house in the neighborhood and now it has all of the newest fixtures, better windows, and a heated pool in the backyard. The “keeping up with the Joneses” feel of the approach will be interesting to watch as it unfolds, and it will be very interesting to see how Facebook responds with their own upgrades.

As an entrepreneur and a marketer, you really have to ask yourself, What would we want to see (with our marketing hats on) to make this a first rate social media platform? What are the innovations we need that will help drive commerce and give our customers a social shopping experience?

The first question to ask is “how can I use this as a channel to drive revenue?”

Some of the possible answers may include:

  • Mobile apps across all platforms (iPhone, BB, in addition to Droid)
  • Platform apps – not the farmville and mafia wars apps, but true 3rd party widgets and apps that can be built for making it easy as possible to find products that you sell that they are buying.
  • Features like a facebook Store – this could potentially create a Google Marketplace (a la eBay or Amazon) and also drive “social” search traffic directly to your actual e-commerce store (where your sales are worth more).
  • Feedback for stores – One of the main things that we find people using the top two social media platforms is to provide feedback, some of which, as you may have seen is not always positive. Don’t make it about branding!

I’m also curious to see how long it will be before they roll out some for of “group discount” programs. The possibilities are certainly great. Let’s hope that they haven’t built a better mousetrap for the sake of having a better mousetrap. As you interact with the platform and provide your feedback, remember to make it known that as an etailer you want Google+ to “show you the money!”

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