Wildcard Friday – Google SERPs New Format

By Advanced SEO Team

This week the SEO team at Exclusive Concepts has been noticing Google displaying SERPs in a new format. We’re seeing more results on the first 2 pages pulling in page data into a more reader-friendly bulleted layout. What’s interesting is figuring out where they are pulling this information from and from there figuring out what (potentially) Google is telling us are important on-page aspects.

We’re seeing a combination of both category pages as well as product pages surfacing in this format. First we can look at the category page example:

In this result, the page description is being pulled from the meta description exactly. We’re also seeing bulleted results taken in order, directly off the page. Takeaway: write your meta descriptions as someone would want to read them. Google does not use the meta description in determining rankings, so keyword stuffing (as we know) is useless. Don’t be long-winded, and try to put page highlights within the first 50-60 characters, if possible.

We can now compare a few different SERPs for product pages we’ve seen:

If Google begins to list pages in this fashion more regularly, it would certainly impact the way in which companies are listing their products. Shorter names, with prices listed above the product name and description may be more user-friendly than item numbers and call-to-action text. For example, which result would you be more inclined to click on?

Looking beyond the fact that we’re comparing engine oil to wedding invitations, the Zazzle result has a much cleaner layout, implying to me as the searcher that their site would reflect this and make my shopping experience more straightforward. Takeaway: concise product names with prominent placement of prices have potential to benefit your shoppers experience on and off the site.

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