Wildcard Friday – Autofill Form Completion

By Tim


Recently, Google announced that they’re rolling out a Chrome supported experimental attribute that allows web developers to mark up their forms to allow for auto-completion without changing their user interface or their back end. The attributes would allow for common fields such as name, email or street address to be eligible for autocomplete suggestions.

Essentially, you just add an attribute to an input element of your form. For example, an email address field element could be marked up to look like what is showing on the top line here. And while we can’t cover the entire scope of implementation instructions here, there is a great resource available at the URL listed on line 2 above.

Once you’ve done your markups, you’re left with a Chrome Autofill option similar to the image shown here. While this is still in experimental stage, the hope is that the ability to utilize auto fill within your forms will allow for an easier, faster process….which in the end could help product higher conversion rates.