Wildcard Friday – 5 Things To Do Now Before The Holidays



Today we are going talk about what you can do quickly to prepare for the holiday rush:

  1. The little things matter…
    • Do you have extra boxes?
    • Do you have enough help?
    • Are you mentally ready for the long days and possibly nights preparing shipments?
    • your family prepared with the added
    • Be Prepared. Learn a lesson from the boy scouts and prepare your staff, yourself and most of all your customers
      Plan your promotion schedule, and be consistent to keep your shoppers focused on finding the perfect gift for their loved ones.

  2. Pre selling to motivate your valuable customers is essential and often forgotten art by many online only stores
    Remind them ahead of time through email and on your store that you will have major discounts and promotions on key dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    Major retailers know this rule and often promote heavily leading up to the actual shopping day in order to bring traffic into their stores instead of Wal-mart down the street. The same rule applies online, and make sure you remind your customers in a timely manner leading up to the big sale
  3. Promote heavily even though you may not be offering sitewide discounts. Get your shoppers excited for the holidays with teaser products.
    Teaser products that are great gift items can often draw traffic into the store. It’s your job to promote and sell other gifts that may not be heavily discounted.
  4. Cut through the noise.
    Your customers and prospective customers may be very busy and distracted this holiday season so make sure you keep them focused on your store by being creative on where and how you promote.
    Just relying on email may not be enough. Find alternative sources of holiday traffic like shopping feeds, mobile advertising, etc.

Okay let’s make sure you’re ready

  1. Have you taken care of the little things?
  2. Are you well prepared for the unexpected?
  3. Are your customers excited?
  4. Are your promotions ready to go?
  5. Can your message and products cut through all of the holiday distractions?
  6. Are you ready to have fun and enjoy the holiday rush?

Well I hope so, and remember we are here to help if you have any questions.