What They Won’t Tell You

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Remember that old commercial about halitosis?? Even your best friend won’t tell you.

Well, your customers won’t tell you if your website annoys them. They’ll just leave.?

Fortunately, The Center for Media Research has done a survey that reveals what peeves customers the most.?

pop-up ads? ? ? 93%

needing to install extra software? ? 89%

dead links ? ? 86%

confusing navigation? ? 84%

registration log-on pages blocking content? ? 83%

slow-loading pages? 83%

ineffective site search tools? ? 80%

Maybe it’s time to have a fresh look at your website.? Is there anything that would annoy a potential customer?? If so, time to fix it.?

Why drive away people who are looking to buy?