What is a Recipe? – Conversion Wednesday



During my past Conversion Wednesday Daily Concepts, I mention “recipes.” To remove any confusion, I’ll briefly explain today.

Recipes are the different versions of the website that visitors experience during a test.

I’ll start with an example.

Lets say we want to test two things on a product page:

  1. Remove the left hand navigation
  2. Increase the size of the product image

If we set this up as a Multivariate test, the website visitors could see one of the following experiences:

  • The control with no changes
  • Only the left navigation removed
  • Only the product image size increased
  • Or both the left navigation removed and the product image size increased

These four difference experiences are the different recipes in the test!

It’s simple!

Recipes are simply the different combinations of test elements that a visitor might experience during the test.

If it is a simple A/B test, there would be only two recipes: Recipe A and Recipe B. If your test were an A/B/C test, there would be three recipes: Recipe A, Recipe B, and Recipe C. If it is a multivariate test (like in our example on the previous slides), the number of recipes is dependent on the number of different elements you are testing.