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Some fun reading for your day: Comparing the Avengers and email marketing…

Avengers Assemble!

Aside from being an entertaining movie, the summer blockbuster Avengers highlights several valuable tenets on successful email marketing. The parallels may not be immediately obvious, but you may find the following guiding principles helpful to take your email marketing program to the next level.

There’s No “I” In Avengers

In the film, the Avengers collaborate as a team. In a similar fashion, a successful email marketing program is the result of an organization-wide effort.

The Avengers were able to defeat Loki because they worked together. The point: don’t be afraid to ask for insight and expertise from your colleagues (even if they don’t work in the email marketing department).

Just as Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury gathered key players (Iron Man, Captain America, et al.), an effective email marketing manager will draw from the experiences of colleagues. Tony Stark may be a technological wizard, but he lacks the brute strength of the Incredible Hulk. And Black Widow may be agile, but she cannot call down thunder like Thor. Likewise, know the strengths and weaknesses of you and your colleagues to build a well-rounded approach to your email marketing.

Fight a Common Enemy

In the film, the Avengers banded together against one primary enemy: Loki.

As an email marketer, you may be tasked to solve a variety of issues through the email marketing channel. In many cases, it is not realistic to successfully tackle every issue at once. Take the time to prioritize your challenges, and exercise incremental change to solve one problem at a time.

This focused approach to email marketing weaves a thread of consistency between campaigns while taking gradual steps towards commonly-accepted goals. Primarily focusing on one issue at a time will also help you set realistic deliverables and expectations on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Additionally, finalizing a list of the most important challenges should be addressed by a collective group of managers, specialists, and team leaders.

You may find it helpful to outline the most important challenges (and recommended approaches) in a quarterly document that can be shared with the management team.

There’s Always a Sequel

There will always be a sequel – more enemies to defeat, more interpersonal conflict to wade through, and more costumes to cycle through.

Remember that your email marketing program will evolve over time and spawn “sequels” of their own. Whether your email marketing program employs more sophisticated technology to track conversions, or you hire a copywriter to develop campaign content, your email program should always be primed to change and improve.

Be sure to proactively plan for change. Regularly survey the solutions employed by your competitors, and reflect on critical success factors impacting the marketplace. Some areas that you may wish to consider are: integration of social media with email, development of post-purchase autoresponders, and advanced segmentation of your database to deploy highly targeted email campaigns.


In conclusion, everybody reading this post has the capability to be an email marketing superhero. It’s in your DNA. But sometimes it takes a little push to help you recognize your superpowers.

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