Weekly Update, September 22, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google

Picasa, Google’s photo-sharing site, is online with new features. The free download helps find photos on your computer.

New features for the Google Search Appliance

Richard Brandt: Microsoft CAN beat Google

Ballsy Google Kicks Belgian Newspapers’ Asses.


BusinessWeek’s cover: Click Fraud, the dark side of online advertising

Yahoo! stock plummets as CEO says ad sales are slowing.

Geek marketing should be like a good lover says Kathy Sierra.

Explaining RSS the Oprah way.

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

Blogging is word jazz, jazz writing.

Anousheh Ansari: She spent $10 million to go into space and she’s blogging about it.

Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power.

If you serve over 100 million videos a day, can you get $1.5 billion for it? YouTube’s magic number.

Blog Maverick on the Coming Dramatic Decline of YouTube

Around the Web

Apple updates strengthen wireless security after internal audit finds flaw.

Microsoft Media Player shreds your rights. No more backups or Tivo.

From Wired Web 2.0 Winners – Flickr, Odeo, Writely, del,icio,us, Netvibes. The losers: MySpace, Squidoo, Browzar, Fo.rtuit.us, Friendster

Lessons from the Facebook riots. You can’t control information you give to third parties.

Extensive spying at Hewlett Packard targeted wives and other relatives of HP members as well as reporters.

Disney sells 125,000 digital copies of films through iTunes in less than a week.

If you love music and haven’t used the music discovery engine Pandora, get with it. Lifehacker gives you 15 ways to get even more out of Pandora.

Best new product. UBSCELL: Batteries that recharge through USB.