Weekly Roundup, September 15, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Google does philanthropy differently, giving start-up companies seed money to tackle poverty, disease and global warming.? It’s called Google.org

Intuit and Google announce major local search partnership to help small businesses to market themselves.

Featured content for Google Earth includes the Discovery channel and the National Park Service.

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

Lonelygirl 15 whose? channel at YouTube, showed 2 or 3 minute videos of 16-year-old home-schooled Bree and her dorky boyfriend, captivated millions was revealed this week to be the creation of three friends who wanted to explore new ways of storytelling.? Lonelygirl wasn’t that lonely.

Round-up of the Video on the Net conference here last week in Boston.

Forrester’s Charlene Li reports 24% of Gen Y (18-26) reads blogs, 12% of Gen X (27-40), 7% of young boomers (41-50)

Universal Music, the world’s largest record company, accuses YouTube and MySpace of violating its artists’ copyrights.

The Three Biggest Challenges for CEO bloggers.? Discipline, passion and writing ability


Jonathan Ive, a look at the man behind Apple’s designs.

Apple’s iPhone on track for January 07 release.

The Future is here.? Skype introduces free video calling for MacIntosh users.

Apple Forges Path to Digital Living Room.? New iPods,? movie downloads from iTunes, and streaming to the TV.

Around the Web

Yahoo Builds Brickhouse Around Talent, incubating big talent.

Microsoft’s Zune, designed to battle the iPod is a mess.? It infects all your music with viral DRM, violates all Creative Common licenses, won’t play protected Windows Media.? ? Here’s Engadget on Zune’s launch with photos.

All cheer the $11.7 million judgment against spammer.

Rupert Murduch wants to sell DirecTV; he calls it a “turd bird.”

Michael Arrington shares his winners and losers in Web 2.0..

Seth Godin on how to deal with an angry customer.