Weekly Roundup September 1, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Now any small business, non-profit or school can offer Gmail, Googletalk, Google calendar and Google page creator with Google Apps for Your Domain.

And there’s lots more goodies if you’re a webmaster, Google Webmaster Central.

55 Ways to Have Fun with Google.

Google allows free download of some books in the public domain.

Google-eBay partnership to connect users, merchants and advertisers around the globe.

She’s Google’s geeky queen of the search-o-sphere.

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

Ken Leebow has a new vlog where he gathers Incredible videos.

If you think bloggers don’t matter, take a look at Blogger Stories, a blog Toby Bloomberg began to collect personal stories of how blogs have touched people’s lives. You may know Toby as the Diva of Marketing.

Microsoft’s PR Agency admits it doesn’t “get” blogs.

21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic.

Meanwhile TechCrunch reports, MySpace driving more retail traffic than MSN Search.

SiliconBeat retires, VentureBeat launches.

Around the Web

Watch for movie downloads on iTunes by mid-September. Wal-mart is not happy about it.

Apple will hold a special event for the press on September 12.

What does Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt have to do with the rumors that an Apple-Sun merger in the works?

Social software in perspective from Nick Carr.

The Washington Post gets social media and how it can build audience loyalty.

If you don’t understand what Digg is, here’s a cheatsheet.

Setting up a store at Amazon, It’s your own aStore.

More than 1 million geotags on Flickr in the first day.

Jeff’s Guide to TV shows only available on the Internet.

Steve Rubel on Three Ways to Ride the Long Tail

Fugitive top hi-tech exec tracked down in Sri Lanka after making a one-minute online telephone call.