Weekly Roundup, October 20, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Google and YouTube? Well, it had to be done to reflect reality.

Google is going solar with 1.6 megawatts of photovoltaic panels on its Mountainview campus in California.? Be assured that they won’t be going solar in the New York office or with their server farms.

Google’s Security Mishaps and User Trust from Michael Arrington.

Learn more about Googlebot’s crawl of your website.

Planet Google Wants You.

Google’s profit nearly doubles

Google’s Gains Pay for YouTube in one week, that’s $1.65 billion.

Video-hungry users could push Net to brink.? So far, excess capacity has saved YouTube.

Too many violent videos on YouTube may fuel more violence says Jack Straw.

It signed a deal with YouTube, now Universal is suing other video-sharing websites.


Under pressure from Google, Microsoft will spend $7.5B for R&D in 2007, half of it in Europe.

Forbidding Vistas: Windows Licensing Disserves the User with mandatory activation,? invalidation from time to time, removal of media capabilities, problem-solving prohibited, limited mobility and one transfer only.

Microsoft Decides to Accept Outside Security for Vista.

Walter Mossberg not much impressed with Internet Explorer 7 saying the most it could do was catch up with smaller competitors.


Sales of MacIntosh computers growing faster than any other PC manufacturer, but market share still only 6.1%.

Good rumour that Touchscreen iPod will come in December and the iPhone in January.

Windows virus worms onto some Apple iPods.

The story of the birth of the iPod.

‘Good for the Soul’,? Newsweek on the fifth birthday of the iPod on October 25.


The 800 CEO READ blog discusses the shortlist for the best business books of 2006😕 The Long Tail, Small Giants, The Wal-Mart Effect, China Shakes the World and The Box with lots of links to articles and blogs discussing them.

PR Giant Edelman made a fake blog for Walmart of a couple traveling the US in their RV and staying in Walmart parking lots.? Shel Holtz discusses in Edelman and the one-sided conversation.

One blog, Snapped Shot,? is keeping track of all the jihad videos on YouTube

Around the Web

So NBC cuts 700 jobs, but they still don’t know what to do at 8 p.m. Downsizing NBC Plots An Unscripted Future.

Jeff Jarvis says the decision to stop putting quality, scripted shows on at 8 is “the pathetic and cynical act of a loser.”

Iran bans high-speed internet links in effort to cut influences from the West.

From the Financial Times, BusinessWeek looks to web in battle for readers.

MySpace Predator Caught by Code.