Weekly Roundup, October 13, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


GooTube.? Recapping the Coverage of Google’s Acqusition of YouTube for $1.65 Billion.

Does YouTube Make Google a Big Target for Copyright Suits?? SueTube anyone>

Google Signs Agreement with SONY BMG Music Entertainment.? YouTube had signed earlier agreements with CBS, Sony and Warner.

Is Google a Monster?

Google “Docs & Spreadsheets” Launches.

Google controls 50% of the web search market. Google Ad Sense accounts for 62% of search-based ads, and with the acquisition of YouTube, 43% of the online video market.? How soon before an anti-trust case is made? United States v. Google

Blogs, Pods and Vlogs

Good Blog Writing Style and good advice from Google Blogoscoped.

A podcast not to miss.? The Searcher: John Battelle and the Database of Intention.


Oprah and Bono unveil Product Red iPod nano with $10 from each sale going to The Global Fund to help women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Will the iPod ever die?? Probably not.

A Jihad on Apple Computers?


Microsoft recommends web sites and applications get ready now because Internet Explorer 7 is coming.

The developer/designer death match between Microsoft and Adobe.

The Web According to Microsoft’s Ballmer

Around the Web

Pity the poor people who work at Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Co in Toledo, Ohio. YouTube is killing my business at utube.com

New, sleek Palm Treo Smartphone.

He made a fortune when PayPal was bought by eBay,? became one of the three founders of YouTube and made another fortune, but all he really wants to be is a professor.

Is Smalltown the way the local web will unfold, using web cards?

To search on your mobile phone, try the new mobile search at mobile.ask.com

False and Deceptive Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Warning over ‘broken up’ internet by Darren Waters at the BBC.

Is Yahoo’s Growth Being Eroded by New Rivals?

The end of an era, Tower Records to close all stores, the lessons learned.

Most eras have distinct ways of seeing.? Ours may be The Long Zoom.

This is for real.? Pumpkins May Power Phone Networks.