Weekly Roundup, November 3, 2006

By Herb


Going mobile all over: new Java based application does it for Gmail.
And, look for GooTube on your cell phone.

Will YouTube share the same fate as Napster?

Gobblin’ Google and yet another acquisition: Jotspot.

The Great [Fire]Wall of China: “We don’t censor the Internet. Really.”

Copyright, copyright. It can wreak havoc on sites where users upload content. See how it’s affecting YouTube and MySpace.

Always wanted to keep track of Google acquisitions? Here’s a handy timeline


A bigger, smaller iPod — RED Nano.

Maybe they had a lot left over? Steve Jobs gives employees iPod shuffles for Christmas.

Mac OS X Intel going strong, posting significant gains for October.


You know we’ve come along way when Microsoft is partnering with open source technology. More on this from TechCrunch.


Marketing emails generating complaints? Thank your customers!

Replacing control of your marketing message with “a combination of acceptance, flexibility, and mutual respect between consumer and marketer.”

Seeing email as the “digital backbone” of your online marketing strategy.


Department of Interior blocks all blogs — and how will this help keep their employees effective?

Search and RSS

Three important recommendations for those using artificial linking — #1: Cut it out.


See the new Zune specs.

Around the Web

Berners-Lee to launch a new joint initiative between Southampton U (UK) and MIT to create the first degree in Web science to combat “fraudsters and cheats.” More about Berners-Lee’s initiative.

Amazon continues its transformation from an e-commerce company to a software company.

When you see Happy Feet, think global movie-making pioneers.

The US reaches 300 million people — the Web reaches 100 million sites.