Weekly Roundup, November 24, 2006

By Herb


That price just keeps rising! Google blasts through $500.

Related news at BusinessWeek: Can growth keep pace?

U.K. holds Doodle4Google contest — see 13-year-old winner’s entry here.


Or is it the color? More expensive but with twice as much memory, Black iPod nanos are not selling as well as expected.

However, the other ones are selling great.

Hybrid iPod/cell phone eagerly anticipated by Apple fans.


Google app won’t be good enough for business, so Microsoft remains unfazed.

Microsoft ready to battle Google’s Web domination.

For oodles of news on Vista, check out CNET’s “The dawn of Vista” page.


Siginificant Internet statistic: Forty percent of Americans expected to shop online from work this holiday season.

Keyword strategies: Top of the Head, Long Tail, and now Torso.

Holidays are busy for more than retailers; online scammers also have a field day.

The Seven Sinds of Web Analytics series: #1 Simple Visitor Counts


Good news for bloggers: California Supreme Court says you can only sue the original source for defamation, not anyone who picked it up.

Search and RSS

A search engine for clothes, with custom-made advanced search.

Around the Web

Internet moves to second place in “where to find science info” category.