Weekly Roundup, November 17, 2006

By Herb


World’s most popular site? Google’s on the fast track to beat Yahoo!.

$500 stock price: Who’d have imagined it five years ago?
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Gmail and Hotmail not just personal anymore. Many use these for work.

Thanks, Google Blogoscoped for tipping us off to the new Google AJAX Map Search Wizard, where you can put a searchable map right on your own site. There are even some reports of teaming up among the giants: Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

Wondering what the fuss is about? Here’s YouTube’s greatest hits for those who don’t have time to find them themselves.


Get out your credit cards, it’s Apple Black Friday next week. They’re expecting to move 14-15M (that’s “million”!) iPods this holiday season.


Zune doesn’t appear to be the next iPod. First, it doesn’t work with Vista. Then, AppleInsider had to gloat about it. Here, too, as they report flat retail interest in Zune.

Despite this news, Microsoft wants to be operating system for entertainment (watch out YouTube, iTunes).

“Bill Gates is pretty confident that when he spots an emerging technology, it will emerge.” From CNet.


Do you hate spam? Here’s how to quash it, technically.

Who’s doing what, as far as advertising goes? Check out this report by industry.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — holiday emails are coming to town.


Something tells me there will be a lot of talking. The first BlogWorld and New Media Expo will be Nov. 8 to 9, 2007.

Windows exec starts blogging, but where is everyone else?

Search and RSS

How is Ask different than Google?

Around the Web

Ever wonder what your resident techie is talking about? Here’s a little English to techie spreadsheet.

Wikipedia ban in China: First off, then on again.