Weekly Roundup, November 10, 2006

By Herb


Gmail enhancements coming out: Forwarding conversations, interface face-lift.
More at Google Blogoscoped.

In order to be sure theyr’e touching every medium, Google goes retro with radio.

Imitation is the sincerest form of praise — NBC wants to be YouTube when it grows up.

Copyright problems just don’t go away in the acquisition of YouTube.

When your doctor needs a second opinion…. use Google!


iPod the new CNN? ABC thinks so.

iTunes: the new mega-multiplex.

No more Mac Guy! But, we loved him!


Vista on the verge:
Microsoft to Vista hackers: Bring it on!
Windows Vista goes gold at last
Microsoft: Windows Vista is done

Preemptive strike a good strategy — Microsoft cuts a deal with music owners before copyright suits ensue.
More on this from Silicon Valley Sleuth.

Office Live — giving Google a run for their money.
See the review on CNET.


What makes a good domain name? For once and for all tells all.


We’re hearing a lot about bots, but why should we care? See Attack of the Bots.

Blogs Take Lead in Reporting Polling Problems, With Supporting Evidence on YouTube

Search and RSS

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, the algorithm changes.

Around the Web

If you still want more about the election, at least from a technology point of view, sample the fare at CNET.

Electronic Dear Johns: Federline’s not the first, and most likely won’t be the last.