Weekly Roundup May 5, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Next Wednesday is Google Press Day and I didn’t get an invite, but USA Today did and Marrissa Mayer, VP of search products and user experience hinted broadly that will be a Google Health site announced next week.

GMail was down yesterday for several hours. Steve Rubel said bloggers were all over the story, but not the press.

Is Google Full-up? Choking on web spam which is one-fifth to one-third of all they collect, CEO Eric Schmidt said, “Those machines are full, We have a huge machine crisis.”

Google should look to its own cluttering practices, but they probably won’t since they make millions of dollars off your typos.

Would you be surprised to learn that Google is the 2nd most popular place to work for MBA students beating out Goldman Sachs?


Microsoft takes the plunge with AdCenter to increase advertising revenue for the company. Three years in the making, it may not be enough to topple Google says Bloomberg.

There’s talk of Microsoft and Yahoo partnering or merging for defensive and offensive reasons.

Microsoft’s also teaming up with Hollywood to offer original web shows.

With all that going on, it’s no wonder that Windows Vista is delayed again, until 2Q07

Around the Web

The “Net Neutrality” Battle is going to get bigger now that the financial services sector is opposed to the plan by the phone companies who want to sell tiers of service based on speed, reliability and security.

Amazing how customer fans will do your marketing for you, better and for free. Firefox flicks

Skypecasts. Skype teams up with Six Apart to offer FREE conference calls for up to 100. Eat Our Dust reports B.L. Ochman. Skype now has 100 million users.

Most interesting quote from AdTech, San Francisco, by a NYTimes VP, “When the NYTimes bought About.com‘s 57,000 topics, it basically bought the long tail.”

Who da thunk it? How Americans got cell phones right.

If you use AOL’s AIM, they are going to give you a free local phone number. But AIM’s Phoneline is for incoming calls only.

Justice is served. Spyware hustler in New Hampshire hit with $4M penalty.

OneWebDay is scheduled for September 22, this year and every year after to celebrate online life. Plenty of time to practice the “special hand signal” – extend your middle three fingers and touch your thumb and little finger together in a circle.