Weekly Roundup, May 26, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Microsoft adds Ultimate edition of Office -all the tools you already have, pumped up and more.

MSN Spaces now the largest blogging service worldwide. 100 million unique visitors in April

Will its new image format – Windows Media Photo – supplant jpegs?


In new deal, Google software will be installed on Dell computers. for web and desktop search.

Google launches pay-per-click video ads and Michael Arrington bets against it.

The One Bit of Info Google Withholds: How It Works.

Google News takes heat over blog exclusions. Don’t worry about the government censorship, worry aobut

Around the Web

O’Reilly trademarks “Web 2.0” and lets loose the lawyers.

Overall visits to video search sites up 164% in the past 3 months.

Yahoo and EBay join forces to fight the Giants. Yahoo adds eBay’s paypal online payment system and gets an exclusive on selling display ads for eBay.

Web inventor warns of “dark” net. Sir Tim Berners-Lee on a two tier internet.

Here’s the Wall St Journal hosting a debate on net neutrality.

Technorati teams with the Associated Press to connect bloggers to more than 440 papers nationwide.

The marriage of sports and music, Nike + iPod lets your shoes talk to your nano.

New domain name – .mobl to make it easier to surf on your cellphone.

Technorati and Edelman Partner on International Blogosphere.

Yahoo has cool stock widgets you can insert into your blog.

Bloggers Anonymous Seeks to Save Bloggers from Themselves via 12 steps