Weekly Roundup May 12, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Want to follow trends in your industry or market niche? Try the new Google Trends. Steve Rubel loves it and shows examples.

Google Desktop now has version 4.0 ready for download

Google Co-op is in its very early stages. It’s an open source way you can share your expertise and benefit from the expertise of others. I’m not sure what “subscribed links for your services” are, but with Google Co-op you can do it. Some call it human-powered vertical search

Biggest Google user? It’s MySpace which accounts for 8.2% of all inbound web traffic.

Om Malik live-blogged Google press day.

Titanic corporate clash. Microsoft and Google Grapple for Supremacy

Google’s April surprise for state. California took in $11.3 billion in personal income tax receipts in April, a big chunk from Google employees who cashed in some or all of the high-flying stock.

Google and eBay in Ad Industry Shoot-Out. Will there be a year-round electronic exchange for ads?


Yahoo’s new sponsored search: instant ads & geotargeting

Yahoo rebuffs Microsoft’s offer to buy a stake in Yahoo! Search

Around the Web

694 million people around the world are online.

Seth Godin “We’re so busy celebrating the hit of the moment that we forget that the real profit often comes from the long trail.”

ICANN votes against .xxx domain for porn.

Domain names become premium Web real estate. Blue.com went for $500,000.


LAPD started one joining the LA Fire Department which has had one for quite awhile.

Pajama Market features every day the small business blog of the day.


TiVo Turns TV into Search Engine. Getting viewers to search for the ads they want to see. With its Product Watch, TiVo lets its subscribers create searches.

YouTube now accepts videos uploaded from mobile phones.

Best Video of the Week: The Evolution of Dance