Weekly Roundup March 31, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Beautiful, gorgeous, warm sunny Spring day. My crocuses are blooming, the daffodils coming, the lilacs budding. This is the time of year I feel sorry for all those people in Florida and California who never get to witness the miracle Spring brings. Also blooming are fresh, young links.

For those businesses that want to target customers based on geography, Google local search shows image ads on maps.

Is Amazon afraid of blogging? Was Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, rude? Or just pressing hard and looking for naked answers? My money’s on Shel and Scoble and Naked Conversations.

Ask Jeeves is now Ask.com and doing very well by holding its own and sometimes beating search champ Google says Walt Mossberg in the Wall St Journal.

Is it almost time for Google Vision? My spies are telling me Google TV is on its way.

Typepad is launching blog widgets.

That Murdoch sees farther ahead than any of us. Last July, his company bought MySpace for $580 million. It’s now the second most popular site on the Internet when you measure by page view. 66 million members and “The best acquisition we’ve made in a long, long time.” News Corp loves MySpace.

MSN lets you build your own search engine with their macros.

It’s finally happened for real. Brain cells fused with computer chips.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits to brainwashing his kids. They don’t use Google or iPods.

Can’t decide between hotels? Is Wifi important to you? The blog Hotelchatter has the best WiFi Hotels 2006 and the worst. Watch out for Swisscom WiFi. It costs $838 for 24 hours at the London conference center.

To see the Bear Stearns report on search share, check out John Battelle.

Om Malik says in 5 years, we’ll have nation wide WiFi. Well, in the cities and suburbs anyway.

Blogburst will get approved blogs syndicated to newspapers. Think there’s room for a weekly round-up?

Google’s having a rough time with Blogger which it owns. It even deleted their official Google blog.

FeedDemon 2.0 is golden and frozen.

Seven rules for corporate blogging.

Skype and founders charged with racketeering.

Beatles sue Apple. What will happen to sosumi?

The New Wisdom of the Web is all about you and that’s making a lot of people in Silicon Valley happy.

For the weekend, starting tomorrow, find what’s deep inside you quickly and easily. Yahoo Launches Soul Search Engine.