Weekly Roundup, March 30, 2007

By Herb


Cost-per-thousand, cost-per-click, or cost-per-action?

Conversion is a funnel, not a hierarchy

Search and RSS

Very cool Web widget to measure popularity of a site: popuri.us

Semantic search: right around the corner

Search engine rankings for February

Social Media

Sticky sites for the younger set


“…of all the major computer makers in play during the release of Windows Vista, the only one to avoid taking a hit in sales was the one company that chose not to run the software at all: Apple.??

But on the other hand…. Mac vs. Vista

Complete My Album—new service on iTunes

News flash: Nike running shoes to be compatible with iPod by year’s end


Office 2008 for Mac: the ultimate mashup

Extreme anti-piracy with Vista


There will be no Gphone, we swear.

Is Googlezon the future?

Personalized Google homepages—they even adjust for time of day

Google: the “Microsoft of the Internet??


Yahoo! gets into the news business


Good news for business blogs: casual bloggers are finally signing off

Around the Web

You know you’re an Internet addict when…