Weekly Roundup, March 3, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Everyone seems to be getting it this past week. No, I don’t mean that or a cold either. For you it means the top links of the week.

Getting it

Jeff Jarvis says Reuters gets it as its CEO explains

Our industry is facing a profound challenge from home-created content…. If we create the right crossroads, provide the consumers with the appropriate tools… we can harnass what otherwise from the outside would look like a punk revolution

Because Yahoo is redefining its content, backing off from original programming, Henry Blodgett quoting the NYTimes says Yahoo’s Lloyd Braun now gets it

TIVO announces Kidzone to help parents choose what television programming is right for your kids. Thomas Hawk now gets that Tivo’s news is Bigger than We All Even Realize – expert guidance and easy set-up.

Bad news

Malware goes commercial. You can get a custom-built virus with tech support.

Click Fraud Gets Smarter All you need is a clickbot.

Accidental e-mail congratulates 7000 on admission to UC Berkeley law school.

The good news. They will only admit 500 and not all of them will graduate and pass the bar.

What’s new with Apple?

Apple announces iPod Hi-Fi

The new G5 Powerbooks MacBooks have intel inside and magnetism. Magnet Madness

What’s this? Downloading Empathy to Your iPod?

You can get Steve’s outfit too.

And then there’s Google

Google Base is now the Merchant of Record

Update on Google payments. They billed $11.2 billion and paid out $3.9 billion. With margins like that, why is their stock dropping?

Does Google benefit from faulty search?

Google news goes mobile.

What about Microsoft

Confusion abounds though Jason Cross says Windows Vista Won’t Suck. Microsoft Vista announcement here

Microsoft says give us another six months and we’ll be better than Google. Don’t hold your breath. Well, they do offer demographic placement of ads.

Is Origami a mobile phone with XP or a tiny tablet mini-PC? Details unfolding. Is the video of the device for real?

Just for fun

Hilarious video of what it would look like if Microsoft packaged the iPod