Weekly Roundup March 24

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

It’s Spring! it’s Spring! And I’m leaving early but not before I serve you some juicy yet fortifying links.


Now that Google finance is up, what are people saying? Paul Kedrosky says it’s All Whiz, No Bang while Michael Arrington says it’s Lots of Flash & Ajax. Charlene Li says Nice charts, but users won’t switch quickly and Om Malike says it’s simply disappointing. The most notable feature? Steve Rubel says blog posts aggregated along side the news.

Not everything works for Google. Its print auction fizzled.

Google seeks Patent for Targeting Ads on Wi-Fi Hotspots. First ad-supported Wi-Fi hotspot will be in Mountain View, CA, home of Google, San Francisco next.

In beta, Google’s GeoAds. Supercheap says Shimon Sandler.


Apple attacks French plan to open iTunes. Some think the French are saving civilization and looking ahead.

From Engadget. Morgan Stanley analysts claim Apple is at work on iPhone.


“60 minutes” going to Yahoo as a microsite next fall with video segments and weblogs. Teaser site up Sunday.

Should you pay to get into the Yahoo Directory? If you have a blog, you can get listed for free.


Vista’s going to be late, some 60% of the code has to be rewritten. Office 2007 will be late too. They say it’s because they want to make it easier for consumers and retailers. I guess Microsoft doesn’t want us confused when we go holiday shopping.

How would you like a FREE alternative to Microsoft Word? Hello, It’s called ajaxWrite and runs on Macs, Windows, or Linux computers.

Meanwhile, Microsoft takes on Craigslist in the Battle for Classified Ads.


Mobile marketing catches on with Discovery’s I Shouldn’t Be Alive profiles.

PayPal Mobile Launches. Does anyone want or need text to buy? My credit card is faster, so is my computer. Why should I triple tap type?


VoIP isn’t good for everything. Vonage 911 caller put on hold while house burns down.

On MySpace and Reputational Mortality. Older folks remember being chastened with the threat that something will go “on your permanent record.” The Permanent Record is here and it’s digital. Just ask Josh Santangelo in You Are What You Post.


B.L.Ochman: Edelman Trust Report Finds Peer to Peer Profound. Better than government, media or business.

Hill Holliday going all blog via Steve Rubel

A quote to remember via Doc Searls

“Please don’t call us consumers unless we eat your product. We’re users, readers, writers, people,” Sheila Lennon