Weekly Roundup, March 23, 2007

By Herb


Sales and marketing: Can’t we all just get along?

Usability findings from Jakob Nielsen

Synch those cookies—and follow users around wherever they go

Quit with the snail mail, email continues to be the best option for marketing

Answer to increased conversions: No worries

What every good Web designer should know

Search and RSS

The view from 100,000 feet in search

Internal site links and what they mean to SEO

Personalized search and link building

The nitty-gritty of what search engines care about

Social Media

Expert contributions can enhance impact of social media


Bridging the gap between computer and television: Apple TV


Drop-out makes good: Bill Gates returns to Harvard


Beyond pay-per-click—how about pay-for-results?

Try the beta

Insights on Google’s ad changes

New privacy policy not any more private


When you can do it yourself, do you need Amazon?

Former third-party vendor Borders goes it alone


Yahoo! gets serious about click fraud