Weekly Roundup, March 2, 2007

By Herb

Bird’s Eye View

Let Freedom Ring from the Web’s Founding Father


The 4 step process of SEO, and how to D-I-Y

Getting links from bloggers

Search and RSS

Even local search has a long tail

Top 100 alternative search engines report from Read/WriteWeb

How to lead the ignorant searcher to your door

Ins and outs of bringing search in-house

Social Media

Cracking community sites

Social algorithms? How is that possible?


Google click fraud: not as bad as we thought

More about click fraud from ClickZ

YouTube and AdSense: the perfect marriage?

Still trying to make a deal with the studios over YouTube

China we knew about, but Germany? Censored search results FAQs

Increase conversions with Google Website Optimizer


Yahoo! is offering a discount to the 2007 Internet Retailer Conference in San Jose, June 4 – 7

Standard and advanced match types with Yahoo’s Panama

More points about Panama

Around the Web

States best suited to compete in the global, technology economy