Weekly roundup March 17th

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Seth Godin says “blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity…that make every word count…ought to win.”

Hey, that’s me with your juicy links.

More Seth. Google’s Secrets Exposed.

Google partnering with publishers to sell online books

Quick search box on Google Desktop. Control, control.

When advertisers come up empty in the game of Click and Mouse with too many bogus leads.

Disney to launch ad-supported podcasts for kids.

While Fitchburg State sends acceptance letters via podcasts.

Netscape to be relaunched as a Digg-like, user-riven news / aggregation site with Jason Calcanis at the helm.

Gates sketches out vision for the future -your cell phone will become a digital wallet while TV and computers will merge.

Never got around to reading the Iliad? Catch up with what you missed on the Odysseus blog.

Viruses in RFID tags? Does that mean my dog can get infected with the RFID tag on his collar? Can the virus jump from software to animals, to humans? Just asking.

Microsoft is developing the Web’s largest advertising network. Testing has begun on Office Live, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces.

15 year old “Google fanboy” submits fake press release and Google makes it a credible international tech story.

Microsoft confirms it originated iPod Box Parody Video. It’s hilarious but you won’t find it a You Tube or at MSN but at Google video here.

Combined AT&T/Bell South will control 22% of consumer and 34% of business telecom spending.

Amazon is offering unlimited data storage services to developers who are creating new Web sites and services. You know, for mash-ups like

New York on tap where you can find the nearest subway to any bar while you cross reference reviews.

Or Gawker Stalker for mapping celebrity sightings.

TRM’s winning eBay bid for advertising on Rocketboom may be the best $40K any company spent. Rocketboom TRM Commercials.

Rocketboom Blasts into a New Era in Advertising.

It’s March Madness and the Net is hit with record traffic for streaming videos of the first games. Shouldn’t you be getting back to work?

Obligatory Irish joke. Two drunks coming home, stumbled up the country road in the dark. “Faith, Mike, we’ve stumbled into the graveyard and here’s the stone of a man lived to the age of 103!” “Glory be, Patrick and was it anybody we knew?” “No, ’twas someone named ‘Miles from Dublin’!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!