Weekly Roundup, March 16, 2007

By Herb


Taking your content from good to great

New traffic metric gets the spotlight: Visits

More detail from MarketingProfs

Interactive upfront ad packages? Just like TV.

Latinos not going on line as rapidly as other groups: Trends & Stats from ClickZ

You’re fired! Is getting rid of low performing customers a good idea?

Search and RSS

An in-depth look at personalized search

For a truly eye-popping search experience, try GahooYoogle

Social Media

Sampling of new online communities: OthersOnline, Explode and MyBlogLog


Apple #5 in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies
(Microsoft is #8)


Budget assistance? Bribe? You decide. Microsoft gives credit for using Live Search.

“The leading edge battleground between [Microsoft] and Google really will come on the phone.”

Uh, world’s most used softward is Vista? That’s what Bill says…


Google the center of the universe? Not according to media companies.

Google #1 in the BusinessWeek 50

“The battle between Viacom and Google demonstrates the fundamental divide between media and tech companies.”

Increased privacy for search logs at Google

First there was Gmail, now Gphone…


Rumor? What rumor? Time Warner wouldn’t think of spinning off AOL. Never.