Weekly Roundup March 10, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Lots of links, so let’s get to them.


Google agreed to a $90 million class “click fraud” settlement with online advertisers who say it’s 10% of sales, Google says it’s only 1%.

The Coming Search Advertising Crash Will advertisers begin to lose faith in search advertising?

Would you put the entire contents of your computer on Google for free? Google Drive leaked.

Now that Google has acquired Writely, a web-based word processor that competes with Microsoft’s Word, will that and the GDrive be enough for home users to abandon Microsoft?

Get all your videos about Google – tech talks, authors and a Google factory tour from the Googleplex.

Google maps Mars at Google Mars.

Exclusive from Tech Crunch – Google payments seller reputation screenshots .

Aimed directly at Google and with $100 million in backing, Jersey-based Accoona, a more powerful search engine delivers better results with better artificial intelligence or as they say, “SuperTarget Your Search.” Ads soon.


Amazon considering download service for new movies says the New York Times

Still no subscriptions, but now that Apple is offering a multi-pass, I can get 16 episodes of the Daily Show for $9.99.

As Internet TV aims at niche audiences, the Slivercast is born.


The first business blogging conference cruise.

Charlene Li, an analyst for Forrester and corporate blogger has brought $1 million to Forrester as a result says Debbie Weil.

The AOL blog king interviewed on why AOL bought weblogs for $25 million

Blog buzz helps companies catch trends in the making. That’s how ConAgra learned the low-carb craze was fading.

Other stuff

Your tax dollars at work, here’s the US Government’s RSS Library – be fed with just about any info the government gathers.

The MIT media lab is planting seeds for innovation BY the masses. They already have a good start.

Rolling Thunder from Microsoft – memo outlines a slew of new services on the way.

Your personal shopper with the initials RSS.

You’ve heard about the attention economy, now Doc Searls writes on the Intention Economy – about buyers finding sellers, not the other way round.

Blackberry saved. The high cost of the Blackberry addiction – $612.4 million.

Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art Photos