Weekly Roundup June 9, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Blogs and RSS

Blogs at eBay are now live but they come with a lot of regulations

Toby Bloomberg has put up Blogger Stories – personal stories of how blogs have touched people’s lives

Medlogs an aggregator of medical topics

Pajama Market features a new small business blog of the day like Artist by Nature and Problogger


The Google Video player for the Mac now available for download. Now you can keep your favorites downloaded from Google video

Microsoft vs. Google: Who’s Greener. Seems to be Microsoft.

New Google Browser Sync, a Firefox extension, helps you Get in sync.

Google admits to being compromised over China.

Does anyone need Google spreadsheets?

Michael Arrington says “Google need to embrace the possibility of failure and muzzle their out-of-control communications people.”

Paul Kedrosky, “Google is beginning to bug me.”

From Bambi, Google’s video exchange ambitions


8 ways to submit to Yahoo search

Five Words to never use in an ad.

Around the Web

AOL is inserting ads inside email Subscribers are up in arms.

TurnHere, short films – cool places, is the YouTube of Travel & Local Video offering free video guides for travel. Very effective.

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites mining data that people publish voluntarily.

New Research reveals Collaboration is a key driver of business performance.

Small companies & Google Adsense is the Future

Time: 8 viral videos that swept the nation.

Blind inventor makes web accessible to blind people without the need for computer skills, what he calls the “technologically frail.”