Weekly Roundup, June 20, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Richard Brandt is writing a book about Google and blogging too, for example, Microsoft’s opened a huge hole for easy-to-use software that Google plans to fill.

Google launches Google Checkout offering low cost transactions for sellers. It’s an alternative payment processing system to existing checkout and credit card processing systems. CNET says it’s a huge threat to Amazon.

Om Malik says it’s about cost-per-action advertising. The real advantage he says is not just to gain payments market share and revenue but to increase Adwords sales and reduce click fraud through the creation of a fundamentally better advertising system, CPA-based ads. Charlene Li summarizes its best points.

German Experts Criticize Google’s Power

Inside Google’s New Product Process

Blogs, RSS, Vlogs

Robert Scoble just bought a new house near his new job at PodTech while posting the 21 things he’d fix about PodTech’s web site.

What’s the Biggest Lie About Blogging? Ann Handley at Marketing Profs.

Forrester’s evaluation of blogging platforms by Charlene Li. Moveable Type, WordPress and iUpload are the leaders.

Venture Capital backing some bloggers and their independent news sites.

Around the Web

Microsoft delays Office 2007 again.

Big news in storage and security here in Mass. EMC will buy RSA for $2.1B

“EMC is where information lives,” said chief executive Joe Tucci, “and tomorrow you will see that it will be where information lives securely.”

Why text ads are read more than display ads. Banner Blindness.

Peer Production, People Power. I never miss a Chris Anderson piece

New York Times on Cellphones as the divining rod for the information age.

Social Networking for Bookworms. It’s the LibraryThing.

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is posting TED Talks – audios and videos of “some of the world’s most fascinating people”. Did you know that David Pogue was a Broadway accompanist. Watch him sing, “i’m Bill Gates and I write the code.”

It’s the Fourth of July and time to shoot off fireworks. Lady Liberty Fireworks.

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