Weekly Roundup June 2, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Google makes some missteps as it finds its way in the corridors of power

Is Google’s Checkout the answer to Yahoo Paypal?

Google Fumbles Offline with its traditional media efforts.

Ten Products Google Should Develop


Computerworld says Windows Vista is a distant second best to Apple’s OS X. Here’s a visual tour of 20 things you won’t like about Vista. Apple paid more attention to the design of the user experience while Microsoft designed products to fortify its monopoly position says Evan Maloney.

Microsoft is going to drop PDF Support in Office 2007 to head off a legal challenge by Adobe


From Media 2.0, on Ad Age’s Fact Pack, some of the ones that caught my eye.

• projected 2006 spending: paid search = 40% while display/banner gets only 20%.

• 70% of media and communications companies plan to include blogs and networks into their future marketing efforts.

• 35% of marketers plan in-house blogs

* 30% plan ad placements on third party blogs

* 78% of RSS users are male

Internet Ad Revenues close to $4 billion for Q1 2006.

How to get traffic to your blog by Seth Godin. #32 Write about Google


eBay to launch blogs, wikis and search

Lots of activity with new blog search engines besides Technorati’s Blogfinder

Sphere has a feature called “featured blogs” that Stephen Baker points out not only finds blogs but ranks them by subject matter, popularity and authority.

Ask (without Jeeves) uses its recent acquisition of Bloglines to create Ask Blogs and Feeds


Why you should be tagging. Technorati tags dominate Yahoo search results

Around the Web

U.S. asks Internet firms to save data for 2 years to assist in criminal investigations of child pornography and terrorism

Social networks are the new media architected to help scale self expression to new heights in terms of expression and in the reach of distribution.

Pew: Nearly 50 million Americans create web content . The Internet has become both the medium for creativity and an outlet for creativity.

Yahoo! Video unveiled -Discover and be discovered

PC World lists its 100 best products of the year . Here are the top ten

Download free the iPod book 2.0

Mark Cuban thinks Clickfraud is far greater than imagined.

Video of the Week. 200 liters of Diet Coke and 500 Mentos