Weekly Roundup July 7, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Outsell’s survey on clickfraud shows internet advertisers paid $800 million last year on bogus clicks. Google’s CEO says “let it happen.”

Still, Google’s Binary Search Helps Identify Malware

So much fanfare, so few hits. Businessweek looks at Google’s new businesses and finds no market leader outside of search.

It’s official. Merriam Webster says google is now a verb.

Lawsuits fly over Google Founders’ Big Private Plane

Google is preparing a health portal, pitching WebMD and Intuit as partners

eBay Bans Sellers from Using Google Checkout

Steve Rubel on 25 Things I Learned on Google Trends.

What the world would be like without Google

Blogs and Pods

Top science blogs named

Apple Updates iTunes Podcast Categories. You are subscribing to at least podcast, aren’t you?.

You can download college lectures from UC Berkeley

Colonial Williamsburg turns to podcasting. Hey, Boston has its own too, the Freedom Trail and more you can download as as MP3 files

Don’t wear your iPod in a thunderstorm


After Vince Ferrari posted his customer service hell experience as he tried to cancel his AOL service, the New York Times reports that companies like AOL and Comcast now face unceasing accountability to customers who now have a very large megaphone.

Online marketing is huge, so Monster.com is launching a marketing channel

Around the Web

Create a playlist of the hit songs and albums for all your birthdays. It only goes back to 52, still what a great present for someone turning 50.

Friendster Wins Patent for its social networking connecting people within social networks.

It’s like Barnes leaving Noble, Amanda Cogden is leaving Rocketboom. She’s signed with Endeavor which is so cool it doesn’t have a website/

Sniffs the New York Times, It’s a Cyberspace Soap Opera

Leading Security firm advises computer users to switch to Macs.

Best video of the week. Where the Hell is Matt