Weekly Roundup, July 28, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

Her Time Has Come. She started as the blogger Wonkette, now she’s the Washington editor of Time.com.?

If you’re trying to figure out where to go for the best online videos, newly- launched Dabble is for you.? The video search and social networking site was started by blogger Mary Hodder.

From Blogspotting comes the news that PBS, Google and OPN (Open Media Network) are teaming up to sell downloadable videos online.

The Underground Blogosphere.

Million dollar podcasting by Frank Baranko.

YouTube worth $1 Billion?


Google lets you make your own custom toolbar buttons in the new Google Toolbar

Google Help has now aggregated all of its help for all of its products on one page.

Google will offer advertisers click fraud stats.

Feds retrieve Google records after Gmail used for hate speech.

In the Race with Google,? It’s Consistency vs ‘Wow’.

Around the Web

Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail is finally out and Guy Kawasaki has a Checklist for Long-Tail Implementations

Why Zillow is opening its API. Hint, Long Tail.? It also raised $25 million in its second round of financing.

Good intentions, bad law.? Chat rooms may soon be inaccessible to people using public terminals unless protections are set up.

All new PCWorld , gussied up, easy to navigate and chock-full of tips.

Skype founders pay out for Kazaa settlement.? When you’re a billionaire, you can afford $100 million. But, hey, Kazaa’s now legal.

Never heard of Cyworld?? You will says Katie Fehrenbacher.? But will it beat MySpace?

Microsoft added more than 10,000 employees last year.? Gearing up for battle?

Very interesting study from Clickstream shows how dynamic and interactive the Web is becoming.

Ad Age: Social networking will change how companies advertise.

MySpace a launch pad for next-gen media biz.

3 ways to immediately increase search engine traffic.

Remember when video phones were a dream of the future?? Here now is Skype video for the Mac and it’s free!

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