Weekly Roundup July 21, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Blogs, Vlogs and Pods

Pew Internet Report: Bloggers, a report on the Internet’s new storytellers

Survey of the Blogosphere.? 12 million Americans keep a blog, 57 million read them.? More than half are primarily driven by their desire for self-expression.? 50% are under 30.

According to a new study, 76% of corporations with blogs have seen a spike in web traffic and media coverage even if their direction is rudderless.

Food blog awards from Bill Ives who also has a good list of video blog directories

Ives also points to a free keyword selector tool and a how-to add digg, del.icio.us tags to blog posts.

India imposes ban on blogs

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

RSS and Wikipedia

Futef A new search engine just for Wikipedia brings you results and related categories.

More than 1.25 million entries in Wikipedia and revisions are now RSS enabled

Ask.com has introduced RSS smart answers


Google launches an accessible web search for the visually challenged.

How to link within a Google Video

The Google artist who designs all those cool logos

Browse Sites to Target in Google AdWords

Online Video

YouTube makes web stars from ordinary people.? Managers and scouts are watching says USA Today.

YouTube’s policy about owning the content you’ve uploaded discussed.

100 million videos each day served from YouTube

Analysis of the top 100 videos on YouTube

Microsoft and Apple

Microsoft’s ‘iPod Killer’ to debut in October.. Codename Project Argo.?

Microsoft also plans a massive stock buyback.

Meanwhile, Apple profits soar

Movie rentals on iTunes?

Around the Web

Yahoo gives you an easy way to add Yahoo! Finance and stock charts to your site

Skype introduces new Wi-Fi phones.

Motorola just shipped its 50 Millionth Motorazr

Yahoo and Motorola to feature Web services on phones.

The 1% rule – the emerging rule of thumb. 1% will create, 10% will interact and 89% will just view