Weekly Roundup July 14, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Judge dismisses suit over Google rankings

Google will start selling radio ads.

Google to put a research center in Ann Arbor, Michigan with jobs for at least 1000.

Google GDrive Surfaces

Blogs, Pods and Vlogs

Robert Scoble, now at PodTech points to great geek podcasts by Scott Johnson, co-founder of Feedster and a cool IT search engine.

A blogger complains about headaches with Google’s adsense. Google sends blogger aspirin.

Podcasts popular in the holodeck -6% of adults surveyed had downloaded a podcast in the past 30 days. That amounts to 9.2 million American adults according to Neilsen.

More money for Technorati

Advice to Rocketboom from a pro

Rocketboom continues with Joanne Colan

Jupiter Research on corporate blogs blasted by the blogosphere.


After stories of Dell Hell circulated the Internet, Dell finally set up its own blog to join the fray.

Unfortunately some idiot intern calls Jeff Jarvis a worm

Around the Web

Microsoft and Yahoo finally connect IM services.

Official Lamborghini Mouse pad

Mark Cuban says the Internet is old news and boring…Deal with it

Yahoo’s Live Search in Firefox 2.0

Yahoo cries foul as MySpace pulls top ranking as most popular website. At the same time, MySpace

No joke is This Computer on Your Brain or “cortically coupled computer vision system” from Darpa.

Parents turn to tech toys to track teens

Conde Nast buys wired.com. Wired News, Wired magazine and Wired.com together at last.