Weekly Roundup, January 5, 2007

By Herb


E-Commerce–$100 Billion in 2006, 25% increase year-on-year

Opt-ins are not forever? Great advice on email list pruning.

Bulk email not a do-it-yourself thing: Six Reasons Why You Need an ESP

Search and RSS

Part 2 of ClickZ’s two-parter on SEM and SEO

The Sausage Manifesto“: What’s really in the PPC Sausage

Sometimes a slice is better than the whole pie. Vertical search narrows the field, and is bringing results.


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Google foray into China.

Phew! That was close. Google security breach.

Google share not as big a slice of the pie: keyword inflation, low conversion rates are sending merchants elsewhere

Wiki search – better than Google?

Other search engines in the offing as well.


Which do you like better? IE vs. Firefox: browsing the browsers

The evolution of the PCs—get ready for amazing new features in 2007


When Google leaves a vacuum, you know someone’s gotta fill it. Check out Amazon’s Askville.com.

More on Askville

And now you can get even more stuff with the retail giant: Amazon launches independent Endless.com

Around the Web

Vote for your fave pics from the Mars rovers

Web Trend Map 2007. What happens when the Web looks like a subway map.