Weekly Roundup, January 19, 2007

By Herb


Great small business mindset tips from Neil Anderson, president of The Courage Group

Linkbait: “The linkbait way of link building is a mindset. To do it well, you need to … focus entirely on providing value to your clients…”

Quote of the week: “I was trying to read a news article and realized the dancing mortgage people were eliminating all rational thought from my brain.” On the other hand, those ads work.

Resistance is futile: Old-media ads meet Internet selling

Beat traffic cost inflation with some sure-fire ways to add value

Search and RSS

One-word keywords not enough: two- and three-word queries are the norm

What is “search scent,” and how do you use it?

Social Media

Evolution of social networking: DayZLoop targets teens


The rising tide raises all the boats: iPhone good news for flagging Cingular

50 percent margin on each iPhone sale? Not bad!

Yet there are always naysayers…


Just when you thought you had it figured out, Google updates AdSense policies


Recommendation engines: the fine art of upselling


New offering from Yahoo!: Web site for personal finance


Blogs growing, and supporting online versions of print: traffic up 210%

Around the Web

iSnooze—Just what it sounds like

Tell me something I didn’t know: Americans relying more on the Web for political news