Weekly Roundup, January 12, 2007

By Herb

Bird’s Eye View

Really cool Web doohickey: Web Trend Map 2007


Think of your clicks as people, and generate better results. From ClickZ.

You’ve heard of MySpace, you’ve heard of Facebook. For a quick intro to social media, check this out from Web Marketing TODAY.

How not to design your Website backwards

Especially for real estate: Five ways to use the Internet to make money

Search and RSS

Interview with Harte-Hanks search guru Jeanne Kocsis

For SEO, it’s linking, linking, linking

Do natural search, paid search or metatags still work?


Of course, the big news this week: Apple iPhone

Frankly, you can hardly call it a phone. From the New York Times.

Take it for a spin with the mouthwatering Apple tour.

Find a quick feature list here from Read/WriteWeb.

Apple “reinvents the phone”

Columnist David Pogue answers iPhone frequently asked questions

But not everybody’s happy. Cisco sues over iPhone name

CNET dissects how Apple could keep the upper hand


Not to be upstaged, Bill Gates wires your house


Bloggers starting to meet off line—wow, face-to-face discussions! Unheard of!

25 great tips to optimize your blog

Around the Web

New look for an old publication: Wall Street Journal gets a facelift

Back to Ma Bell: AT&T drops Cingular name