Weekly Roundup, Friday, June 23, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


Google censoring Google Answers?

Google adwords adds scheduling / Dayparting

Google Does Shakespeare

A major linking network, Link Vault has been banned from Google.

A raft of new features for Google Sitemaps

Google Partners with Adobe to distribute Google toolbar and Shockwave.

Marketing and Search

The three types of searchers: adcentrics, adphobics and omnivores

Yahoo study shows health searchers more active and educated

Next generation search. “The Brain” from Bambi

Do you have a Home Improvement Business? Submit to ImprovementWeb.com.

When your shoddy customer service becomes a meme, it’s bad news for AOL.


Microsoft’s forgotten monopoly – their fonts.

The bravest upgrade ever. Anil Dash on Office 2007.

Was Scoble, Microsoft’s Canary? Is the party over?

The Meaning of Bill by Jeff Jarvis.

Around the Web

The Future of Online News from the Washington Post.

#1 Photo-sharing site, by far, is Photobucket. Flick’r #6.

From Wired, Laptops give hope to the homeless.

White light ‘blinds’ film pirates reports the BBC.

Teen, Mom sue MySpace.com for $30 million for failing to protect children from sexual predators.

There are now 173 “YouTube-like” sites. Shakeout coming.

Would you pay $9.99 to download the Godfather to your iPod? Movies on iTunes?

New plug-ins for Yahoo Messenger helps you do a lot of stuff.

Adobe’s Flash cashing in on the growth of web video.

And you haven’t seen Connie Chung singing Goodbye to MSNBC, you’ve missed one of the most embarrassing six minutes in the history of television.