Weekly Roundup, February 9, 2007

By Herb


What makes people buy? Explore these 7 challenges to conversion

Metrics, schmetrics. How to avoid some common pitfalls.

Get conversion happy with 11 tips to up your numbers

Media morphs into Web-lookalikes

Get more from your email campaigns

Search and RSS

Savvy search marketers think like engineers

Now you, too, can master linkbaiting with this ultimate guide from Andy Hagans


Traffic hazard: iPods


If there’s one thing to be said for Vista, it’s security


Creepy continued: Google’s personalized search

More on personalized search: “Google is not my mother,” claims blogger Michael Gray.

And, a little humor on the subject

Some more fun: Google in 1997


Inside Yahoo! A TIME slide show

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama? The impact of Yahoo!’s update on searchers

More on Panama from the New York Times

Some of Yahoo’s dirty little secrets


SEO and blogs — online matchmaking made better

Be a star in the blogosphere — or die, as per this blogger

Around the Web

You’ll laugh and cry at the same time: Rand Fishkin’s marriage proposal. Happy Valentine’s day!