Weekly Roundup February 3.

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Starting with a stop, pondering Google’s future and hiccups as well as Superbowl ads on my iPod. Lots more in these links.

Full Stop. After 150 years, Western Union ends its telegram service

12 Things you can do with RSS besides headlines and blogs.

One reason newspapers are losing readers is because they so often seem clueless. I mean why would you try to save money by wrapping newspaper bundles with the credit card numbers of your customers? Ask the Boston Globe.

Here’s another example. Newspapers are upset that Google drives more traffic to their websites because Google makes money for doing so.

They want search engines to pay.

If you want to see what Fortune 500 companies are blogging and where their blogs are, go here. Corporate blogs list here. Product blogs list here. CEO Blogs list here.

Another reason to drop AOL. AOL is selling access to your inbox.

The writers of the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy have their own blog, Grey Matter.

Seems like Mary Hodder of Napsterization fame has developed Dabble where you can aggregate videos you like from anywhere on the web. Om Malik says it acts like a video aggregator from some 90+ online video hosting services. It’s in alpha but you can get an email invite.

Counting advertising clicks: “Vastly overrated.” Too much hype over incremental advances.

Smaller search engines offer web search services the big engines don’t writes Walter Mossberg.

British warships get iPod docks and surround sound along with CD players and Internet access.

Dave Winer worries about Microsoft’s throwing its weight around when it comes to RSS. So does Robert Scobel.

Google Watch

You can now sign up for personalized search so Froogle remembers even if you forgot.

Google has launched 10 new versions of Google News for different countries and in different languages. No Nieuws is bad news. Picasa too has been expanded into 25 new interface languages. Picasa x 25

Imagining the Google Future. Experts plot four scenarios about where we’re headed. Executive Summary: 1, Google is the Media; 2, Google is the Internet; 3, Google is Dead; and 4, Google is God.

Advertisers say search ads on Google better than Yahoo and MSN.

Drudge calls them Bloody Google as $11B in value vanished overnight. Make that $20 billion lost in market value according to Reuters because Google failed to meet Wall St profit targets. Google yawns and says their 4th Q profit rose 82%. Silicon Valley shrugs off Google hiccup.

If you’re like me and not a football fan, join me Sunday at the mall because nobody’s there – which sounds a bit like Yogi Berra, “Nobody goes there, it’s too crowded.” I do like the hoopla around the ads though. Steve Rubel says I can see the ads on a video podcast. More here at Dev Lib