Weekly Roundup February 24, 2006

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

A bit under the weather with a cold, but not a chance you’ll get it from me. Being only slightly ill can be a great pleasure with no guilty feelings about reading thrillers and watching movies all curled up in front of a fire. I’ll get the kleenex, you’ll get the links.

One billion iTunes sold. Lucky Alex Ostrososky whose $.99 to download “Speed of Sound” sent the counter rolling over to 1,000,000,000 won 10 iPods, a $10,000 iTunes music card and a 20 inch iMac

Wired says the Mac Attack a Load of Crap.

Matthew Ingram asks when will Google launch its calendar, Loren Baker speculates that Google is about to launch a finance channel and Gary Price asks why did Google launch a web page creator only to shut down registrations to use it.

Pete Cashmore calls it the Spray and Pray strategy, “it just feels like Google is throwing everything out there to see what sticks.”

Google sees Kansas as the center of the world, particularly Kristine Crispel’s horse farm.

What’s this? Google is operating in China without a license?

Soprano mash-up. Google knows and shows where the bodies are buried.

Google just inked a deal with the National Archives to digitize their content and offer it for free.

The Motion Picture Association sues sites that pirate movies and offer them to file-swappers and some search engines who only point to the pirated works.

Jeeves Retires. Sign his retirement card.

Yahoo will ban bidding on competitor trademarks to stop comparison shopping.

What’s been going on with Yahoo! Answers?

Yahoo Search goes deeper into Wikipedia to bring you more answers with fewer clicks.

Jeremy Wright says MySpace is the new blogosphere and it scares him. “Blogging’s end is coming, and its name is MySpace.”

On the level, Bob Vila has a blog.

Funniest and best Bush imitation ever at Foxworthy roast.