Weekly Roundup, February 2, 2007

By Herb


“Not to go international would be like walking into a room of 100 people and only selling to five.” World domination with CNNMoney.

Going online can boost the tiniest company. Check out these 10 Tips for entrepreneurs.

When you’re talking search, it’s ROI, ROI, ROI

E-mail on the rhythm method—it really works!

Search and RSS

Very very cool keyword tool
Talked about here
Try it out here

The value of a good link

Link building through PR

Local search getting better and better

Search: The Next Generation

Social Media

Reaching the “OMG-WTF” crowd


You can wait for the price to fall. iPhone costs to decline 20% per year

Ever wonder how Cingular got the deal? Verizon passed.


Admit it, you want to see some screenshots…Vista Gallery

A little trip down memory lane…Windows visual timeline

And who could forget…The Blue Screen of Death?


Just this side of creepy…. search that remembers you, and everything about you. And you have to opt out to avoid it.

How that search might work

Nice to know we’re contributing. Google quarterly ad revenue tops $1 billion


$3.99 billion, and still not enough sales.

The New York Times take


With a revamp of Yahoo! Search, you’ll need the company’s tip sheet

And a bit more succinctly on their blog