Weekly Roundup, February 16, 2007

By Herb


Thinking about buying links? Think again.

Products with 100% margin: “Managing the marriage of money and nonmoney without making nonmoney feel like a sucker”

Conversion rate optimization: Don’t try this at home

Search and RSS

The dream search: Local all the way

Google to report RSS numbers

The link between site maps and search engines

Natural search not what it used to be…

…and SEO is the loser

Social Media

Get social media on your side with these tips from SES London

Social media as part of the marketing mix


DRM: Jobs wants it all to be free (except his stuff, of course)


Don’t pin your hopes on Vista for a stock value surge


Personalized search is here to stay

Do-It-Yourself Google tools: Right there all along

Alert: Algorithm change, with updated ad quality scoring.

Traffick’s Andrew Goodman has a few words to say about that

No invitation required, finally—Gmail embraces the masses

New AdWords doohickey


Know who you’re talking to in commercial blogging

Around the Web

Groovy gadgets and then some

The Red Shirt Phenom: Analytics from Star Trek