Weekly Roundup, February 10

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

A nor’easter is headed this way. I’m going to stock up and hunker down, but never fear, your links are here.


One of the leading lights in the search world, Udi Manber, has left Amazon’s search company for Google. John Battelle wants to know why.

Is Google turning into the New York Yankees of tech?

Well, Google did blacklist BMW.de when it found that BMW was using spam techniques to raise its Google page ranking. The slap on the wrist lasted three days.

One new feature of Google Desktop is “Search Across Computers”. If you choose to use it, be warned that Google will store all your text-based documents on its own servers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation urges consumers NOT to use this feature saying that outdated laws give only limited privacy protection to emails and other files stored with online service providers.

Verizon Exec calls for end to Google’s ‘Free Lunch’. That lunch belongs to us.

Dell is testing preinstalled Google software package and dissing Microsoft.

Google plans to blend gmail and chat.

Goggle’s buying up a lot of dark fibre. From the London Times, Will they be making an internet network they control?


The State of the Blogosphere. 60 times bigger than 3 years ago. 75,000 weblogs created every day. 13.7 million bloggers still posting 3 months after they started. 2.7 million update weekly. 9% are spam or machine-generated. 50,000 posts an hour.

How dumb is this. Wiley publishers don’t want bloggers to use the phrase “For Dummies” in a headline without saying that it’s a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing. Jason Calacanis calls it Dealing with Dummies.

More disintermediation in the real estate world with Zillow and Redfin reports the New York Times . You can see what a house is worth and get a free home-value estimator without ever talking to a real estate agent.

Dave Winer on How RSS can bust-through by overcoming two barriers to brain-dead simplicity.

Scoble on tracking your comments, no matter where you make them.

10 Must-Have Things for your blog’s sidebar.

The blog in the corporate machine. They may be vicious but they can avert disaster says the Economist.