Weekly Roundup Feb 17

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I have only one question this week. Are you a player? Only players can read the links.


Search engine optimization accounts for only 11%; some 83% is spent on pay-per-click advertising even though the former can generate a significantly higher return

Local search to hit $13B by 2010. It was only $3.4 billion in 2005.

Google and Yahoo trail in key e-commerce metric. Websidestory says AOL and MSN are far more effective in driving sales.


Covering baseball in a world of blogs. One sports columnist says “A lot of them know more than I do.”

Same thing for the Olympics. Check out Curling Blog

Top 50 blogs

Guy Kawasaki on creating a kick-ass community online.

Blogger Steve Rubel of micropersuasion fame has a new job at Edelman the largest PR firm in the world where he’ll join the Me2 Revolution with a goal to get more Fortune 500 companies blogging. Congrats Steve who’ll still keep blogging.

Businessweek gives us The Inside Story on Company Blogs. They’re not blogging out, they’re blogging in.


Google, with shares down 18% already this year, is becoming more solicitous to Wall St. Barron’s says Google’s share price could be cut in half over the next year.

The Google Guys made the cover of Time magazine. Can We Trust Google with Our Secrets?

Google’s statement on The Internet in China before the Committee on International Relations


The End Times are coming. Will Apple Adopt Windows?

More evidence. The first Mac OS X virus. It’s called “latestpics.tgz”

And now Amazon plans a music service to rival iTunes.

Campfire. Gather round you business folk. It’s a “simple real-time web-based group chat tool for business”

Whoops, I forgot to send you all a valentine. Here you go.