Weekly Roundup, December 8, 2006

By Herb


6 ways you might be sabotaging your SEO company’s efforts

Don’t assume your site visitors know anything, and other Website assumptions to avoid

Want to know what keywords drive traffic to your competitors? Sample this Web tool from Hitwise

Pay-Per-Click not the only option. How about social networking? Wiki shopping?


Google hitting the airwaves with radio ads

Insta-Website with Google AdWords: they’ll even build you a landing page


Dem’s fighting words: Microsoft says, “We’ll eventually ‘be the leader’ in digital media players”

The cornerstone of Microsoft’s unified communications strategy: new Exchange Server

To upgrade to Vista, or not to upgrade? Get some tips from the New York Times.


Improved projections and distribution make Apple well prepared for this holiday shopping season


Amazon invests in Wikis — changeable Web pages with content that can easily be edited by many users


It’s apples and oranges: you can’t compare Yahoo! to Google


Quick primer on how to build business value through blogs

Shotgun wedding? Marriage between newspapers and blogs

PaidPerPost blogging hits a nerve

Are wikis and blogs the future of spying?

Around the Web

Maybe don’t buy Granny that DVD player: holiday dos and don’ts on electronic gifts from the Geek Squad

Poll: Teens, adults separated by ‘IM gap’

Top 20 Websites in US

Home internet users by country

Online activities that are showing the greatest growth